Reflections Example Timeline. You can adjust the dates to your schedule, but all entries are due to the County (Hall Center) Nov 30 from 8am – 12pmDec 1 from 2-6pm, room 140a, This website has information. . Also check out our Florida PTA Reflection page on Facebook.

Reflections Schedule timeline 2017-18:

Now – Register your school at

Get students excited! Have a Reflections table with Student Entry Forms at open house. (2 pages– 1. front side- Student Entry. Back side- Media Release. 2. General Rules, Art Specific rules.), announce on facebook, have registration forms in classrooms and the front office.

Aug 28 – Sept 8 – Contact and schedule judges for each category and send them out a welcome letter and the rules for their area of judging. (All one sheet)

Sept 8 – Note sent out to teachers about upcoming Reflections program and this year’s theme. ( ask teachers to encourage students to participate. You may want to contact the art teacher and ask if he/she would be willing to set a day aside to Reflections. Ask teachers to do a writing prompt)

Sept 15 – Reminder for entries request goes home – Daily news, facebook, connect-ed

Sept 22– Packets go home with students.

Sept 29 Entries requests are due (Catalog students under each teacher. Tally, print, and bundle registrations)

Oct 6– Encouragement/Reminder note goes home with students. (facebook, connect-ed, daily news)

Oct 13– Entries are due (Code and log all entries)(You can preorder participation certificates at this time)

Oct 19-20 – Judging (give each judge the entries, the Sample Judging Rubric, the Judges Scoring Sheet, and the Judges Ranking Sheet)

Oct 23– Order Awards and send Judges thank you notes. (see if PTA budget allows gifts for judges)

Oct 23 – Register 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on the PTA website ( ) (Make sure that all the forwarding entries have all required information and have met all requirements.

Nov 30-Dec1 – Entries due to county (Hall Center)
Dec 15 – ECCPTA Entry Judging
January 9th, 2018 @ 6PM – County reflections ceremony will occur at the Hall Center

Decide when and how to do your Awards Ceremony 
Send out invites for your school Award Ceremony, Coordinate with your principal.